Business Showcase...

Tiger Family Chiropractic

Address: 3700 Interstate 70 Dr SE #110, Columbia, MO 65201

Phone: (573) 443-1414

Owner, Dr. Amanda Owens DC

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I’ve recently become a customer of Tiger family chiropractic and the experience has been nothing short of amazing! 

So much so in fact, that I decided to get up early one morning to take some drone shots so they could be in my first business showcase.

About Tiger Family Chiropractic

Dr. Amanda Owens formed Tiger Chiropractic with a determination to serve. After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, she started serving patients in their homes and then opened the Tiger Chiropractic office in 2007.

The practice consists of Dr. Amanda and Dr. James. 

How I got started with Tiger Chiropractic

I’ve always worked at a computer and my back had been hurting for years. It was something I had been putting off, but as time went on, my neck started to stiffen as well. I knew it was something I couldn’t ignore any longer; it was time to go to find a chiropractor. 

Luckily my girlfriend had recently started chiropractic care, so I got a trusted recommendation to Tiger Chiropractic. 

How It Went...

After some x-rays and a consultation, Dr. James created a treatment plan for me that involved in office adjustments and exercises I could do at home to heal the root of the problem. 

I could feel a difference after the first visit. The first time having my neck adjusted was amazing. With all the regained mobility I felt like an owl! 

The Staff Is Absoluting Amazing!

One thing I can not stress enough about this place is that the staff is amazing! I’m not just talking about Dr. Amanda and Dr. James. 

Every time I walk in, Darrel and/or Stephanie are there at the receptionist’s desk to greet me with a genuine smile! They honestly care about your health. 

You should check them out!